CM Software Solutions is a very young and dynamic company that exploits the passion for the design and software development in any industry.

Thanks to the experience of its founder gained in more than 10 years of activity in various sectors of the IT field and thanks to the collaboration with some partner companies, which allowed to develop some relevant products, CM Software Solutions proposes itself as a company able to create ad’hoc software that can meet any need.

A fundamental component of CM Software Solutions products is the possibility of interconnecting with any type of device and/or management system in order to automate the execution and data collection of the most complex production processes, trying to meet the needs of customers and minimizing the procedural and infrastructural impact.

CM Software Solutions arises from the combination between the passion for the development of software with high computing power and the desire to satisfy the most common, but difficult, users’ request to have simple and intuitive software where the marginality of error in use be minimal.

The mission is therefore to bring extremely easy-to-use software in areas where the growing demand for process automation makes this work increasingly difficult.

Stimulated by this difficulty, CM Software Solutions continues to study and evolve, always looking for new technologies that make the products and solutions proposed among the most competitive.

With the experience gained, the company is increasingly efficient in guiding its customers, especially the most inexperienced, in this type of journey.