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Monitoraggio e Datalogging
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Gestione Anagrafiche Semplice e Standardizzata

Top software of CM Software Solutions, XSystem, is a ERP&MES integrated software that implements a series of functionalities useful for the complete automation of the production process and detection machining data. Its goal is to integrate transparently within companies, making it possible to improve, optimize and speed up the entire production management with just a few precautions.

XSystem allows the integration with the most widespread management systems and the interconnection with the most various production instruments.

The modularity of XSystem allows to manage any productive situation, leaving big space for customizations and the possibility of integrating interconnection functionalities with new management systems or with new instruments.







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XSystem, is a multi-platform software that can be installed in both Ms. Windows and Linux environments.
Databases can be either installed on both Ms. SQL Server, or Oracle MySQL platforms.
The installation of the multi-user application can also be performed on mixed systems that include both workstations with Linux operating system and workstations with Windows operating system.
The XSystem components that can be installed on mobile devices are compatible with both Ms. Windows Mobile, and Android devices.

Some of the brands with which XSystem is already able to interconnect for process automation and data collection:

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