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Gestione Anagrafiche Semplice e Standardizzata

Top software of CM Software Solutions, XSystem, is a ERP&MES integrated software that implements a series of functionalities useful for the complete automation of the production process and detection machining data. Its goal is to integrate transparently within companies, making it possible to improve, optimize and speed up the entire production management with just a few precautions.

XSystem allows the integration with the most widespread management systems and the interconnection with the most various production instruments.

The modularity of XSystem allows to manage any productive situation, leaving big space for customizations and the possibility of integrating interconnection functionalities with new management systems or with new instruments.


XSystem allows the management of anagraphics, some of which:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Addresses
  • Items
  • Recipes
  • Processing cycles
  • Purchase Orders
  • Production Orders
  • Third-party work orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Users

Maintaining these anagraphics can be managed 100% by the simple and intuitive XSystem user interface, or by automatic synchronization with the management system used by the customer.


XSystem allows the management of warehouses with features including:

  • Replication of the layout of both internal and external company warehouses.
  • Inventory management for single warehouse locations in double measure units.
  • Search for materials in stock.
  • Reports of low inventory.
  • Movement of stocks between warehouses for the minimum storage unit.
  • Management of the load proposal based on configurable storage rules.
  • Management of the picking proposal for a single work center based on the scheduling of orders.

The movement of stocks becomes extremely simple thanks to the XSystem components for mobile devices that support staff through the use of industrial handhelds or vehicular devices with which the company forklifts can be equipped.

The integration with automated processing lines allows the management of warehouse movements in a completely automated and transparent way in each production phase.

The maintenance of stock data can be managed 100% by the simple and intuitive XSystem user interface, or through automatic synchronization with the management system used by the customer.


XSystem allows the management and fulfillment of orders of various types including:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Production
  • Third-party Work

The evasion of the above types of orders can be done in the following way:

  • Manual: through operation on the XSystem
  • user interface
  • Automated: through interconnection to processing lines
  • Facilitated: using industrial PDAs and/or barcode readers

Thanks to the management of recipes it is possible to manage the loads and the consumption of the warehouse in a completely automated way.
During the order fulfillment phase, it is possible to manage customized Packing List and Labeling printouts for each customer.
The labeling can be customized in all its phases: for single piece, for package, or for transport unit.

All data relating to orders and their evasion can be managed 100% by the simple and intuitive XSystem user interface, or through automatic synchronization with the management system used by the customer.


XSystem allows the management of the traceability data related to the lots for each managed production phase.
The detection of the data in question is of minimal operational impact for the staff and often allows to reduce the start times of the various processes, whether automated or manual.

The data related to the traceability of the lots can be managed 100% by the simple and intuitive XSystem user interface, or through automatic synchronization with the management system used by the customer.


XSystem allows the management of production schedules.
Through the evaluation of production or sales orders, details related to the processing cycles, the processing bills of material and the productivity of the various lines, it is possible to plan production in a simple and intuitive way.
XSystem succeeds, also on the basis of the processing history, to formulate proposals for scheduling the various processes at different levels, showing the requirements of the materials in the various phases and automatically generating production orders on variable time intervals. according to the requests of the user assigned to the planning of the production itself.
If the warehouse management is active, when calculating material requirements it is also possible to quickly check the availability of stock to eventually generate automatically the list of purchase orders for materials not available or not sufficient stock.


XSystem allows the monitoring of the various processing lines by displaying in real time data like:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Line status
  • Energy consumption

During the monitoring phase it is possible to report the machine stops and the relative reasons. This allows, through appropriate reports, to evaluate the production processes, the related costs, and the state of the instruments. All the aforesaid data are therefore also associated with the lot being processed on the line so the user will be able to directly analyze the economic impact of the processing on each lot.

Accesses and Staff

XSystem allows the management of users and staff who access the company. This way you can:

  • Associate with each system user the operations performed on the system itself
  • Manage the presence of staff in the company
  • To associate to the single productions on each working line (and therefore also to each work lot), a list of operators with relative role

This type of activity can be automated thanks to the interfacing of simple badge readers.

Quality Guard

XSystem allows the management of material evaluation data in the different processing phases. It is therefore possible to make a direct assessment of both the various supplies and the various internal processes. In this way, quality certificates or quality categories can be associated with the individual lots in stock, ensuring the possibility of blocking the use of certain materials when production requires, at the various production stages (based on simple system configurable rules), a certain quality standard type.


XSystem, is a multi-platform software that can be installed in both Ms. Windows and Linux environments.
Databases can be either installed on both Ms. SQL Server, or Oracle MySQL platforms.
The installation of the multi-user application can also be performed on mixed systems that include both workstations with Linux operating system and workstations with Windows operating system.
The XSystem components that can be installed on mobile devices are compatible with both Ms. Windows Mobile, and Android devices.

Some of the brands with which XSystem is already able to interconnect for process automation and data collection:

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